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Photography allows me to connect with new people and help my clients capture moments in time. During your session, I strive to help you feel at ease while I capture special moments with your family - big smiles, little glances, snuggles and kids running freely.


Below are answers to some of the questions I am often asked. As always, if you have additional questions, or just want to chat, please feel free to contact me!

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If you have an idea in mind, I'd love to hear it! I am always happy to try new places. Otherwise, I have many suggestions for great photo locations.How do we select the session location?
The digital images from your session will be delivered to you via Dropbox in about a week to two weeks. From Dropbox, you can view and download the full resolution digital files to your computer or flash drive.How long will it take to receive the digital
images from the session?
Yes, the choice of where to print your photos is up to you. However, beware that not all photo labs are equal in quality. I have some recommendations for quality photo labs that I will pass along to you. Can I print the photos anywhere I choose?
Wear what makes you feel comfortable and represents your personal style. Think about coordinating outfits as opposed to matching. Choose a color pallet and dress within that scheme. Check out Pinterest for tons of great ideas on dressing for family portraits!What should we wear?
While timing can be flexible, the absolute best time for that gorgeous golden light is within 2 hours of sunrise or sunset. Sometimes this can mean getting up extra early or having your little ones stay up later than normal, but there is no substitute for the magical light at sunrise or sunset. With young children, it is also important to consider what time of day they will be happiest and most cooperative. What time of day is best for an outdoor
photo session?
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