Randi’s Maternity Session

It was so much fun spending the evening with the VanSickle family! I loved how relaxed they were, which created some great natural expressions. Randi is due with her second baby in August. Its a girl! Here are some of my favorites from their session.

VanSickle Family-Maternity-45VanSickle Family-Maternity-48VanSickle Family-Maternity-57VanSickle Family-Maternity-52VanSickle Family-Maternity-2VanSickle Family-Maternity-39VanSickle Family-Maternity-43VanSickle Family-Maternity-3VanSickle Family-Maternity-23VanSickle Family-Maternity-28VanSickle Family-Maternity-30VanSickle Family-Maternity-32VanSickle Family-Maternity-63VanSickle Family-Maternity-65VanSickle Family-Maternity-66


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