The Stoltz Family Newborn Session

The Stoltz family welcomed their fourth baby this month! Sweet baby Colette is precious and she was surprisingly awake for almost an hour during our session.  I love so many of the photos from their session, it was hard to choose what to post.  When she finally fell asleep, Colette let us have lots of fun posing her! Isn’t she perfection?!

Stoltz Family-1Stoltz Family-2Stoltz Family-5Stoltz Family-11Stoltz Family-16Stoltz Family-24Stoltz Family-26Stoltz Family-43Stoltz Family-47Stoltz Family-52Stoltz Family-58Stoltz Family-61Stoltz Family-71Stoltz Family-73Stoltz Family-82Stoltz Family-87Stoltz Family-88Stoltz Family-101Stoltz Family-104Stoltz Family-105Stoltz Family-107Stoltz Family-119Stoltz Family-120Stoltz Family-125Stoltz Family-130Stoltz Family-132Stoltz-Family-3Stoltz-Family-19

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