The Talamantez Girls

Emma and Bella had a great morning playing princess! I love how girls can make my job so easy! They were so fun to work with and obviously, so precious.  They are such sweet sisters…and awesome models.  I just love how these came out!

Talamantez Girls-3Talamantez Girls-6Talamantez Girls-9Talamantez Girls-13Talamantez Girls-14Talamantez Girls-28Talamantez Girls-32Talamantez Girls-37Talamantez Girls-42Talamantez Girls-44Talamantez Girls-45Talamantez Girls-48Talamantez Girls-50Talamantez Girls-51Talamantez Girls-53Talamantez Girls-57Talamantez Girls-62Talamantez Girls-65

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